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14 December 2023 (Thursday) - 15 December 2023 (Friday)

Teach Every Nation - Bible School on Wheels
"Breakthrough to the Next Level" WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REVEAL ABOUT OVERCOMING MAJOR OBSTACLES? Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to break through a barrier in your life, business, or ministry? Did you know the Bible teaches us how to break through those major obstacles, to gain productivity in all areas of our life? Join Bruce Wilkinson in Teach Every Nation’s dynamic,8-session course, BreakThru to the Next Level. Bruce reveals through biblical teaching that obstacles are often personal invitations from God to grow, overcome, and reach new heights. Discover life-changing methods that can be used to experience major “breakthrus” in every area of your life. This third course in the "PersonalSuccess" series will reveal powerful truths that will radically change your life forever as you BreakThru to the Next Level!
Time: 8h30-13h00
Venue: DRC Uitenhage North, Mosel
Cost: Free
Contact: Pierre van Wyk
Tel: 0833703592
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15 December 2023 (Friday)

Bible and Book Sales
Looking for a new or used Bible? Bibles in different languages as well as popular songbooks will be available for sale. Books and songbooks are sold at cost price. Used Bibles and other Christian Literature are available for free. You are also welcome just to come and share what the Lord has done for you.
Time: 9h00-12h00
Venue: Foyer of OK Grocer in Market Street
Contact: Pierre
Tel: 0833703592

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5 January 2024 (Friday)

Concert of Prayer - Missions Prayer Meeting
Everyone with a heart and burden to pray for missionaries is invited to join this prayer meeting via Zoom. And of course, missionaries are welcome. The prayer focus is on local ministries and missionaries from the Metro that are working abroad. Join in and go on a tour around the world!
Time: 15h00-16h00
Venue: Zoom Prayer Meeting
Contact: James Burnett
Tel: 0721060547

9 March 2024 (Saturday) - 10 April 2024 (Wednesday)

Loving Muslims Through Prayer During Ramadan
30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World has been inviting Christians to pray with love and respect for Muslim peoples around the world since 1993. In doing so we hope to see: + Christians gain a better understanding about Muslim people, their faith and their various, diverse cultures. + An increase in efforts to respond with love and compassion to the needs of Muslims around the world. + A greater interest in Jesus among Muslim peoples. We do this by hosting an annual prayer event coinciding with Ramadan each year and creating annual prayer guides in major global languages that enable Christians to pray effectively and regularly. The prayer guide can be downloaded from the link.
Venue: Your local church, prayer group and or personal prayer time.
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23 September 2024 (Monday) - 27 September 2024 (Friday)

Watchman School of Prayer
All intercessors, and those wanting to learn more about prayer and intercession are invited. The theme for this year is 2 Chron 29:11. Learn more about Walking with God, the power of night and day prayer, and how prayer, worship, and intercession will unlock a spiritual journey you have not been on before.
Time: Monday 23 September 15h00 - Friday 27 September 13h00
Venue: Rocklands Conference Centre Simonstown (need to be confirmed)
Cost: To be confirmed
Contact: Lizette
Tel: +27617887059

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