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Concern Eastern Cape 
What is Concern Eastern Cape? It is a network of pastors and ministry workers across the Eastern Cape. Comfort Ministries was instrumental in establishing this network in the Eastern Cape. It is for like-minded church and ministry leaders with a heart of reaching the province with the good news of Jesus Christ. The director is Fanus Louw who together with his wife Ananta has run the ministry from Comfort Farm close to Bathurst. They have since relocated to Port Elizabeth and have scaled-down the ministry activities.


At a "Concern Eastern Cape" consultation at the beginning of 2018 several factors were identified as hindrances or challenges to reaching all of our province for the Lord. You can find more information here  

1. Response and "Battleplan"
Against this background, it was concluded after a time of prayer that there is a clear instruction to all of us and to all of His Church in the province.  It seems clear that we should start with a thorough re-examination of ourselves, that we will repent of our wicked ways, recommit to prayer and intimacy with our Lord, unite in our commitment to the Lord and His command and to encouraging and helping one another to re-kindle our faith, not in our own ability, but in the faithfulness of Him that called us and the power of His Spirit.  We should earnestly seek our joy in the Lord for therein lies our strength remembering that we are His workmanship to perform the good works that he has prepared for us in eternity.  

2. The way forward
It was decided at the end of the consultation that the following will serve as guidelines for the effective functioning of the network:  

2.1 Feedback about the consultation will be given not only to those in attendance but also to those who have been invited, but who have been prevented by circumstances from being in attendance. 
2.2 Ministries committed to giving feedback on a monthly basis to Comfort Ministries of what the Lord has been doing, to continue to pray for one another and CM and for the work we have been called to and to gather again at Comfort Farm on Saturday 5 May 2018 at 09h00. 
2.3 Ministries should forward their details about the areas where he/she is ministering so that the database can be updated.   
2.4 Ministries were encouraged to make use of the ministry tools that were introduced. These tools can be used in combination or as a stand-alone tool in order to empower the saints for their ministry.  Leaders were encouraged to introduce tools and resources that they are using to the rest of the network. 
2.5 CM will set up a database and inform everyone of all developments so as to improve effectiveness and encourage networking with others enabling everyone to gather the harvest.
2.6 Churches should be encouraged to reach out to
neighboring countries, making these tools available to churches there in order to reach the continent for Christ.
3. Ministry Tools
The following ministry tools have been identified as part of the ministry "toolbox" for reaching the Eastern Cape. This is not a complete list nevertheless.