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Evangelism and Church Planting

The "John Journey"


Have you ever found it difficult to share the love of Christ with other people? John Journey is a method that will help you to easily share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

It takes into account that other people easily respond to the message of Christ is experienced through and in a personal relationship. John Journey guides you on how to identify the needs of another person, to respond to that needs, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ as a result of what God is or starting to do in that person's life. But this is only the beginning of the journey. John Journey will also equip you with how to involve others in a discipleship process, and how to establish a fellowship of believers, a house church, or a fully-fledged church. 

 As Judea Harvest, who developed the course explains: "The aim is to create a Church planting movement and culture within the Church. John Journey is, therefore, an instruction manual to assist the local Church to mobilize believers to become effective witnesses and successful Church planters."

Friends this is exciting stuff. We want to invite you to discover with us what this journey is all about. You will find more information on this page and by following the links and accessing the downloads.

The John Journey Curriculum

The John Journey Curriculum is available in a set of 4 DVDs. This is the edited version of the John Journey Conference that was broadcasted live via satellite as part of Teach Every Nation's new and exciting training curriculum in 2014. The DVDs can be ordered from Judea Harvest via the Judea Training website. Follow the links below. It comes with a special edition of the John Journey Church Planters Bible. The John Journey training materials are available in 7 countries in Southern Africa and are distributed by Jude Harvest.  


Chapter 1 (DVD 1)
Prayer Evangelism
Friendship Evangelism
Power Evangelism

Chapter 2 (DVD 2)

Chapter 3 (DVD 3)
House Churches
Accessing the Community
Finding the man of Peace
House Church Planting Process

Chapter 4 (DVD 4)
Are you working for God?

The John Journey Training Manual can also be downloaded and used in conjunction with DVDs. This is recommended.
 John Journey Participants Training Manual PDF (2165kb)

Jude Harvest (John Journey and other church planting resources)
Teach Every Nation (Taking training to the people)

More Information
Judea Harvest Eastern Cape Regional Manager: 
Pastor Lampie Keuler  keulerlampie@gmail.com  

Other Evangelism Resources
Prayer Evangelism - Talking to God about your neighbors before talking to your neighbors about God. Visit our prayer evangelism page for more information.