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"7 Days on the Wall" 2024 - Week 5 of 7

5 August - 11 August 2024 (Sunday)

Venue: WhatsApp or Prayer Group
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What is the Vision?
The vision of the 7 Days on the Wall initiative is to have at least one sustainable 24-7 Prayer Watch established in every nation around the world in the next 10 years (by 2033), praying for revival among the nations. Let us, the watchmen, therefore not keep silent and give God no rest, until the REVIVAL comes that we all long for
(Isaiah 62:6-7)!‚Äč

What is the Strategy? 
* Start planning early by inviting representatives from various churches/groups to pray/plan together every week. 
* Set up at least one Prayer Room with different prayer stations and invite different churches/groups to participate. NOTE: During the period of the COVID-19 lockdown, create a WhatsApp or Telegram group as a “prayer room”, instead of using a physical prayer room. 
* Draw up a 24-7 Prayer Schedule and start by looking for 24 individuals to pray one hour per day for the week.
* Have an active WhatsApp group in place for each church/group participating, running for the week of prayer only. Consider setting the group on “Admin Only” after the week of prayer.
* After the first week, make time for corporate Thanksgiving. 
* Immediately start planning the next week of prayer, not to lose momentum towards the next 7-day “Cycle”.


Date Added: 2024-01-10
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