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Vegetable Planting Guide for Southern Africa Summer Rainfall Region

This is just a general planting guide. Factors that will influence your planting season include:

- The specific cultivar. Check the sowing guidelines provided by the breeders. Breeders sometimes produce seeds that can be planted outside their traditional planting window and that will still produce a crop.
- Seed Quality. If at all possible obtain seed from a certified grower, or do your seed selection and harvesting over time and build your seed bank.
- Frost. Frost-free areas allow for a wider or longer planting window.
- Climate. Talk to local growers and farmers to get first-hand information on climate conditions and when is the best time to plant a certain crop.
- Climate Change. This is a serious threat to food security with weather patterns and plant disease cycles constantly changing.
- Own experience. Record your achievements and failures frequently. Build your planting grid of what you have planted and harvested and when. Revisit your grid regularly, especially before you plant your next crop.

Compiled by GAP Ministries. We enjoy planting stuff! Visit our Facebook page here
Companion Planting Chart compiled by Organic Seeds (This is a rather comprehensive list!!!)