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Vegetable Planting Guide for Southern Africa Summer Rainfall Region

This is just a general planting guide. Factors that will influence your planting season includes:

- The specific cultivar. Check the sowing guidelines provided by the breeders. Breeders sometimes produce seeds that can be planted outside their traditional planting window and that will still produce a crop.
- Seed Quality. If at all possible obtain seed from a certified grower, or do your own seed selection and harvesting over time and build your own seed bank.
- Frost. Frost-free areas allow for a wider or longer planting window.
- Climate. Talk to local growers and farmers to get first-hand information on climate conditions and when is the best time to plant a certain crop.
- Climate Change. This is a serious threat to food security with weather patterns and plant disease cycles constantly changing.
- Own experience. Record your achievements and failures frequently. Build your own planting grid of what you have planted and harvested and when. Revisit your grid on a regular basis, especially before you plant your next crop.

Compiled by GAP Ministries. We enjoy planting stuff!