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Pray 2022


In the wake of the pandemic, there is a growing list of online prayer initiatives and offline events happening all over the globe. Once again we would like to invite you to join in with the "7 Days on the Wall" prayer initiative.

What is it all about? This is a prayer initiative for everyone and we invite you to join in "Crying for Spiritual Breakthroughs in South Africa". 2022 is the 10th year of the 7 Days on the Wall initiative. We are intensifying our cry to God for a spiritual breakthrough by praying for 7 days every 7 weeks.


Register for "7 Days on the Wall" here

This initiative was birthed at the World Prayer Assembly in Indonesia, in 2012 when about 9,000 delegates from more than 60 nations gathered to pray for the nations of the world. Since the beginning of 2013, almost 5,000 local churches, schools and different groups in South Africa have each taken at least one week to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice, and the unsaved in their churches and communities.

The planned 7 weeks of prayer in 2022 are:

Week 1:  14 - 20 February
Week 2:  11 - 17 April
Week 3:  30 May - 5 June
Week 4:  11 - 17 July
Week 5: 29 August - 4 September
Week 6:  17 - 23 October
Week 7:  21 - 27 November

You can do it on your own or sign up with others: 
1. Start planning early by inviting representatives from various churches/groups to pray/plan together on a weekly basis.
2. Set up at least one Prayer Room with different prayer stations and invite different churches/groups to participate. NOTE: During the period of the COVID-19 lockdown, create a WhatsApp or Telegram group as “prayer room”, instead of using a physical prayer room.
3. Draw up a 24/7 Prayer Schedule and start by looking for 24 individuals to pray one hour per day for the week.
4. Have active Whatsapp Groups for every church/group participating, running for the week of prayer only.
5. After the first week, make time for corporate thanksgiving. You can also organize a prayer gathering with people from the community, as part of the United Prayer for South Africa initiative.
6. Immediately start planning the next week of prayer, not to lose momentum towards the next 7 Day “Cycle”. 


Download the "7 Days on the Wall" general prayer guide here
Visit our "Pray for Revival" page here for 2020's guidelines
and for 2021's go here. For 2022 go here

 Join the GAP Prayer Network here
(This network consists of a Whatsapp group where we post prayer guidelines and inspirational quotes and maybe words of encouragement from time to time. We don't post daily Bible verses, prophecies or teachings.)    

Resources on Prayer in English

Hulpbronne oor Gebed in Afrikaans