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Bible and Book Sales

7 October 2022 (Friday)

Time: 9h00-12h00
Venue: Ok Grocer Store Foyer, Market Street, Uitenhage
Contact: Pierre van Wyk
Tel: +27833703592

We stock the following Bibles:
Afrikaans:1983 Transllation - Hard- and Softcover 
Afrikaans New Testament and Psalms: 2014 Direct Translation 
Afrikaans: 1982 Translation Large Print
English: King James (Hard Cover), NIV (Hardcover), Good News (Soft Cover) 
Xhosa: 1975 Translation (Hard Cover); 1996 Translation (Soft Cover)
Northern Sotho: 2000 Translation (Hard Cover)
French: Segond 1910 Edition
Shona:1994 Translation
Amharic:New Testament and Psalms

Date Added: 2020-12-08
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