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Evangelism and Church Planting

John Journey Church Planters Material
Teach Every Nation Discipleship Material
Prayer Evangelism Change the spiritual climate over your community
Resources for short-term outreaches

Prayer Events and Resources

Significant Upcoming and Past Prayer Events
Prayer Events  (2018)
Prayer Events (2017)
Parliament Prayer Service 24 November 2017
Pray for the Nelson Mandela Metropole 
Pray for Economy of the Nelson Mandela Metropole 

Prayer Venues
Culturama Campsite

Prayer Resources
How to raise an altar of prayer in your community
10 Ideas that will help you to focus in prayer
Thoughts on revival

How to Pray for the Bushmen of Southern Africa
Pray for the Bushmen of Southern Africa
The Spiritual Significance of the Religious Rituals of the Bushmen

City Transformation Initiatives
The Nehemiah Vision
Service of Reconciliation at South End Museum
16 December 2016

Church and Ministry Networks
Nelson Mandela Bay Transformation Christian Network
Uitenhage Local Pastors and Ministries Network
Uitenhage Ministers Fraternal Network
Eastern Cape Ministries Network (Comfort Ministries)

Community Development
Stats and Resources
Uitenhage and Despatch Socio-Economic and Quality of Life Profile  
Community Development  - Process and Principles
Community Development Workshop
Ministry Resources for Non-Profits and Churches

Food Gardens
Organic Food Gardens
Community Food Garden Projects
Farming God's Way
How to Grow Potatoes
How to Grow Chillies
How to Grow Tomatoes
How to Make Compost Tea
Aquaponics and Aquaculture
African Leafy Vegetables
Vegetable Planting Guide for Southern Africa Summer Rainfall Region
Plant Diseases: Anthracnose
Plant Diseases:  Bacterial Leafspot
Plant Diseases:  Plant Disease Cycle

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More Recommended Christian Links

Bushmen Prayer (Not Active)
In Search of a Donkey Cart (Not Active)

Ministries in Africa we link with
Faith Movement Pentecostal Church Malawi
Operation Up Lesotho

Pages in Afrikaans/Afrikaanse Bladsye
Outreach Actions/Uitreik Aksies
Gamtoosvallei Uitreik
Kokstad V.G.K Gemeente
Kalahari Sendelinge

Hulpmiddels oor Geloofbelofte-offers
Wat is Geloofbelofte-offers

Hulpmiddels oor Gebed
10 Dae van Gebed vir Herlewing in Suid-Afrika 2015-2019
Oproep tot gebed vir die verbreking van die droogte
50 Dae van Seën vir Suid Afrika 2017
Gebed vir my kind elke dag van die maand
Bid vir die Boesmans (San)
'n Gebed vir die Regering
Gebed Stasies
Pelgrimstog 2017

Hulpmiddels vir Gemeenskaps-Tuinbouprojekte
Kompos Met Min Moeite