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Prayer Events 2019

 “Return to Me!” 2019 Project
25 Februarie - 7 April

This is a prayer initiative for everyone but especially for those who have time on their hands, who enjoys lengthy prayer projects and who are burdened to pray for the Church. 

Several prayer network leaders came together from 3 to 5 September 2018 in East Londen to seek the Lord and consult together about God’s strategy and direction for intercessors incoming year. As 2019 will also be an election year in South Africa we were keenly aware that intercession for godly changes and interventions in governmental spheres would be an important concern for intercessors in the coming season. 18 Jesus speaks to Peter and declares that the revelation of Jesus being the Christ, the Son of the living God is the Rock on which God will build the Church (Matt 16:18). The writing of the apostles clearly would later stipulate that Christ is the chief cornerstone (Luk 20:17, Eph 2:20, 1 Pet 2:6,7), the only foundation on which the kingdom is built. When we as the Church are not aligned to and built on the foundation that is Christ, the stone becomes a stone of stumbling and the rock a rock of offence to the very company of believer that were appointed by God and yet became disobedient to the word they were appointed to (1 Pet 2:8).

Waves of prayer to deal with false rocks
In an impression received it was felt that we, the Church and the nation of South Africa have built on and trusted in other rocks than Jesus Christ. Instead of fully trusting on and relying on the Lord (Ps 18:2), we have moved away from Him and we have trusted in alternative ‘rocks’ that this world endorses. In the vision received five waves of prayer swept the land, each wave with the purpose of destroying one of five false rocks that we trust in, as individuals, the church and the nation at large. We sensed that our focus must be to establish the kingdom truths that return us to right alignment with Jesus Christ, the immovable eternal rock, as we repent of our sinful and idolatrous hearts that found confidence in counterfeit and defective constructs. 

Five false rocks
The five false rocks that we identified from Scripture depict the false constructs we lean on and trust in our pursuit of well being. Trust in Scripture refers to what we have confidence in, what we gain security from, the things we hope in, lean and rely on. The 5 counterfeit trusts (rocks) we will be praying about are:

During the consultation, we were surprised as we became aware that God was not focussed on the sinful and unrighteous societal issues that we so easily get engrossed in. Rather, the words we received were about God’s greater concern, namely the Church that is not aligned to Him nor connected to His heart or His presence. Our Heavenly Father is focussed on the Holy nation (1 Pet 2:9) within the nation that does not stand before God with clean hands or pure hearts (Ps 24:4) and consequently our prayers have been unable to release the blessing and transformative power we so desperately need (Jam 5:16).

The Rock Jesus Christ

Trying to gauge God’s perspective on what is needed to start changing this problem the following insights were received. In Matthew 16 from verse
  1. Trusting in i.e. Our own abilities, desires, lusts/pleasures, strength, wisdom, identity, opinion etc. (Prov 3:5, Jer 17:5, 2 Cor 1:9) flesh/self
  2. Trusting in princes i.e. Leaders, politicians, influential people (Ps 118:9, Ps 146:3, Is 36:5, Jer 46:25)
  3. Trusting in i.e. All forms of greed, desire for money (Ps 49:6, Mark 10:24, 1 Tim 6:17) wealth/riches
  4. Trusting in false. This includes false Christianity, changing the truth to suit us, false systems of worship/religion, idolatry, philosophies etc. (Is 42:17, Is 59:4, Jer 7:4) gods/falsehood
  5. Trusting in horses and chariots i.e. worldly systems such as political parties, government, government structures, judicial systems, cultural systems, United Nations etc. (Ps 20:7, Is 31:1)
Each one of the above topics will be unpacked and elaborated as we participate in the corporate prayer initiative that we call “Return to Me!”. 
Access the full document here

Compiled by Intercessors for South Africa (IFSA)

7 Days on the Wall 2019 
24 February to 1 December

This is a prayer initiative for everyone and we invite you to join.
"Crying for Spiritual Breakthrough in South Africa"

Extra-ordinary wave of 24/7 prayer continues!

This initiative was birthed at the World Prayer Assembly in Indonesia, 2012, when about 9,000 delegates from more than 60 nations gathered to pray for the nations of the world.
Since the beginning of 2013, almost 5,000 local churches, schools and different groups in South Africa have each taken at least one week to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and the unsaved in their churches and communities.

What's happening in 2019?
At a recent gathering of leaders from various local prayer networks, held on 8 September in Cape Town, a need for more intensified prayer in 2019 was suggested. It was decided that every local network will be asked to increase the amount of "Prayer Weeks" in their communities.

7 Days x 7 Weeks The Mission for 2019 is to mobilise at least 50 local prayer networks across the nation to pray 24/7 for...
Spiritual Awakening Is.62:6,7
The salvation of Souls Acts15:16,17
Social Justice Luke18:7,8
in 7 WEEK Cycles...

This means that every network will engage in seven weeks of prayer during the year. All the networks will pray during the same weeks as mentioned below. You may consider adding any local activity to your prayer focus for every week.

Week 1 24 Feb - 3 Mar
Week 2 7- 14 Apr
Week 3 2- 9 Jun
Week 4 14- 21 Jul
Week 5 2- 8 Sep
Week 6 20- 27 Oct
Week 7 24 Nov - 1 Dec

1. Start planning early by inviting representatives from various churches/groups to pray/plan together on weekly basis.
2. Set up at least one Prayer Room with different prayer stations and invite different churches/groups to participate.
3. Draw up a 24/7 Prayer Schedule and start by looking for 24 individuals to pray one hour per day for the week.
4. Have active Whatsapp Groups for every church/group participating, running for the week of prayer only.
5. After the first week, make time for corporate thanksgiving.
6. Immediately start planning the next week of prayer, not to lose momentum towards the next 7 Day "Cycle"

Register and find more information here

Resources on Prayer in English

Resources on Prayer in Afrikaans