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GAP Ministries

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Local Ministry Networks

GAP Ministries networks with various ministries and churches that share the same heart for community transformation. They share the vision by loving and leading their members and staff in biblical transformation paradigms and principles that are necessary to see cities and nations transformed and the Great Commission fulfilled.

Our involvement includes:
* Prayer: We pray together on a regular basis for the needs and challenges unique to every project. GAP Ministries has adopted the Nehemiah Strategy as the tool for implementing city-wide prayer in the Nelson Mandela Metro. 
* Encouragement: We encourage one another to implement the Biblical principles of transformation, without them forsaking their unique and God-given identity and calling. We, therefore, spent time in fellowship, prayer and of course brainstorming ways to see the transformation of communities.
* Equipping: We spent time together analyzing challenges and opportunities and identify ways of and means needed for constant growth and positive change that will lead to transformation.  
* Support: From time to time we support special initiatives in the form of resources or logistics.

Below are some of the ministries that form part of our Ministry Network.

Living Hope Community Church and Lesedi Pre-School KwaNobuhle
Living Hope Community Church is situated in KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage. The Church is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) of South Africa. Pastor Nxele is the husband of the Principal of Lesedi Preschool. 
* Masikhonzane Pre-School KwaNobuhle
The School started out in the church building of Reverend Nelson Mani with a small group of children from the neighborhood. At the beginning of 2012, the School had 165 children, ages from 1 year to 5 years old. Numbers have declined a bit since then and average about 100 per year. Rev Mani is also the pastor of Gospel Assemblies, an independent evangelical church, situated on the same premises as the school. 
* Battle Ax Ministries KwaNobuhle
Battle Ax Ministries is a church pastored by Pastor David Hycenth and his wife Numbulelo. The church is situated on the corner of Bantom & Bucwa Road, Kwanobuhle. 
* African Gospel Church KwanoBuhle and Port Alfred
Phakamisa Sam is the youth pastor and seasoned evangelist of the branch of the African Gospel Church in Port Alfred since the beginning of 2019.

* See also our partnership with Transformation Christian Network Nelson Mandela Bay

Disclaimer: While seeking to network with ministries that are doctrinally sound, GAP Ministries makes no claim to the total endorsement of these ministries.