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Farming God's Way and Foundations for Farming

Farming God's Way

Farming God's Way is about bringing agricultural practices back into the way that God designed so that we can be those who would fulfill his command to care for and to work in "His garden". This is done in such a way that it would be restored as an inheritance for future generations. Farming God’s Way is a method of cultivation maize, but also other crops, that enables individuals, communities, churches and ministries to empower themselves and others to produce food in a sustainable way to break the yoke of reliance and poverty. It is much more than just a method as it incorporates three domains namely the Church that provides Biblical insight and spiritual principles, good management practices that provide productivity and efficiency and knowledge that provides the know-how for producing crops.

The basic biblical principals and spiritual truths of Farming God's Way are:

The basic management practices of Farming God's Way are:

The basic technology of Farming God's Way are:

Visit the Farming God's Way website for more info. Download the Farming God's Way Vegetable Guide. This is an excellent resource that explains the incorporation of Farming God's Way principles in cultivating vegetables. The Farming God’s Way Vegetable Guide should be used in conjunction with the Farming God’s Way Trainers Reference Guide to include the Biblical and Management keys, which are so vital to ensuring we are able to truly remove and break the yoke, which is such a heavy burden on the lives of the poor.

Foundations for Farming

"Foundations for Farming" is an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities, and nations through the faithful and productive use of the land. It combines the teaching of biblical principles that apply to all of life with a farming method derived from observing the way things work in God’s natural creation. The vision is to help the vast masses of Africa, who are dependent on the land, to faithfully use what they have been given to farming profitably and come out of poverty. Foundations for Farming started many years ago when the farm which Brian Oldreive was managing in the north of Zimbabwe was nearing bankruptcy. Burning and deep soil inversion were common practice on the farm causing terrible sheet erosion to occur resulting in loss of seed and water. Increasing amounts of money were being spent on the machinery required for plowing and double rolling of the lands, and yet the yields were declining."  Visit the Foundations for Farming website for more info and training opportunities.   
Planting Sequence - The Basics Explained pdf 
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