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23 January 2018 (Tuesday) - 29 November 2018 (Thursday)

Monthly Uitenhage Church and Ministry Leaders Meeting
All Church and Ministry Leaders in Uitenhage are invited to the monthly Ministers Fraternal Meetings. Contact Pastor ken Du Piesanie for more detail.
Time: 8h00-9h00
Contact: Pastor Ken Du Piesanie

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1 February 2018 (Thursday) - 30 November 2018 (Friday)

Teach Every Nation Bible School on Wheels
Teach Every Nation (TEN) is a global Christian education program that trains pastors and church leaders to disciple and grow the Christian church in the Global South. TEN works with experienced and locally engaged partner organisations to deliver courses that meet the expressed needs of the people we serve.
Contact: Pierre
Tel: 0833703592
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26 August 2018 (Sunday) - 14 October 2018 (Sunday)

7 Weeks on the Wall
Choose any ‘one’ of the “seven weeks”, Sunday, 26 August – Sunday, 14 October. · Invite your whole group, whether it’s a local church, a school, business, prison, etc. · For more info and resources, see Simple Prayer for Personal Revival · Spend some time in worship. (Individuals can use a CD or simply call on the Lord). · Read a portion from the book of Psalms out loud, e.g. Psalm 140- 150. · Read the book of Acts verse by verse and pray verse by verse for the work of the Holy Spirit in your own life and community.
Venue: Church, prayer room, office, house churches, cell groups, police stations or schools
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25 September 2018 (Tuesday) - 26 September 2018 (Wednesday)

Teach Every Nation - Bible School
Teach Every Nation (TEN) is a global Christian education program that trains pastors and church leaders to disciple and grows the Christian church in the Global South. Innovative Christian education equips Christians to impact their communities. TEN grants in-house certification and encourages students to further their education with partner schools.
Time: 8h30-13h00
Venue: Dutch Reformed Church Uitenhage, Mosel Avenue
Contact: Pierre van Wyk
Tel: 0833703592
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26 September 2018 (Wednesday) - 29 September 2018 (Saturday)

Transform our World Global Conference
Transform Our World (formerly known as The International Transformation Network) is an alliance of marketplace and ministry individuals working together to make the world a better place. We want to see the presence and power of God meet the felt needs and the systemic challenges of our communities and the world at large. • See how your job is your ministry and that your labor is worship, this will make you love Mondays as much as you love Sundays. About this year's conference: • Learn how to do business in the power of the Holy Spirit. • Learn from industry leaders how they are re-defining their businesses and transforming their industries. • Connected with a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals who are on the cutting edge of transformation.
Venue: San Jose, California (Santa Clara Marriott)
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1 October 2018 (Monday) - 5 October 2018 (Friday)

Watchmen School of Prayer
You are invited to the 18th Watchmen School of Prayer at Rocklands Centre, Simonstown. Join in for a week of prayer and praise and learn more how to press into the presence of God.
Venue: Rocklands Campsite Simonstown
Cost: R1750-00 (Subject to change)
Contact: Lizette van Rooyen
Tel: +27 21 919 7988
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8 October 2018 (Monday)

Nelson Mandela Bay "7 Day on the Wall" 2017
"7 Days on the Wall 2018" is part of a global 24/7 prayer initiative mobilizing the local church to pray night and day for revival among the nations in 2018. The challenge is for every local church and community in South Africa to take one week in 2018 to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and salvation for the unsaved.
Venue: Nelson Mandela Bay Church Prayer Groups and Prayer Rooms
Tel: +27 21 919 7988.
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5 May 2019 (Sunday) - 4 June 2019 (Tuesday)

Ramadan 2018 Prayer Guide
Let us show our love for Muslims by praying for them! 5 May – 4 June 2019 Ramadan is an annual Muslim observance period of 30 days. During this time Muslims fast, perform certain religious duties and do personal reflection. For Muslims it is a period of increased spiritual awareness. As Christians we desire for all Muslims to come into a relationship with God as their Father, who has shown His love for them through the sacrificial work of our Lord Jesus on the cross. The focus areas and prayer points to pray for Muslims will be provided daily on this page during Ramadan.
Venue: Local Church
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23 June 2019 (Sunday) - 30 June 2019 (Sunday)

Richtersveld Prayer Journey
Eksteenfontein is home to amongst other ethnic groups, theBosluisbasters. They are referred to ass a group of people which were viewed as Whites but classified as Coloureds. They have been residents of the Richtersveld since 1949. Their journey started out on the farms in Namakwaland in the early 1900 century and ended 50 years later in the Richtersveld in an area that was set aside for their use. The Richtersveld is one of the most inhabitable places in South Africa and declared a World Heritage Site do to its unique fauna and flora and cultural heritage. Residents of the Richtersveld are confined to a few isolated communities that can only be reached by dirt road. People are very poor and opportunities for employment almost non-existent. They are dependent on state grants for their survival or the income from relatives working elsewhere. below are more information in Afrikaans
Venue: Eksteenfontein Northern Cape

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