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1 February 2017 (Wednesday) - 30 November 2017 (Thursday)

Judea Training Courses
What is Judea Training? Judea Training is a partnership between Teach Every Nation (TEN) and Judea Harvest. This partnership enables world class training material to become available to church and ministry leaders all over Africa. TEN is the brainchild of Dr. Bruce Wilkinson and a global Christian education program that trains pastors and church leaders to disciple and grow the Christian church in the Global South. GAP Ministries supports Judea Training and will facilitate the presentation of Judea Training Courses during 2017.
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11 August 2017 (Friday) - 18 August 2017 (Friday)

WATCHMAN RISE AND BUILD Global Awakening Summit
As a key leader in prayer and part of the ongoing effort to encourage building community globally in prayer, we are writing you by way of invitation to the "Watchman Rise and Build Global Awakening Summit.” It will be held in Herrnhut Germany, 11-18 August 2017. Sensing a convergence of God’s timing and purpose for the gathering, the Summit will be an international convening of nations to mark the 290 year anniversary of the outpouring of God’s Spirit in Herrnhut. After some very intense prayer time and discussion, we would like to share the following summary of our thoughts with regards to the time in Herrnhut in August.
Venue: Herrnhut Germany
Cost: Registration: € 120; Accommodation: € 280
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21 August 2017 (Monday) - 24 August 2017 (Thursday)

MANI Regional Consultation - Southern Africa
You are invited to the 2017 MANI Regional Consultation. MANI stands for Movement for African National Initiatives. It is a network of missions organisations ministries and evangelical churches with a vision of reaching the unreached and unchurched. 2017's Theme is “No Place Left” (Rom.15:23) and some 300 Christian leaders from 19 countries in the region plus some global delegates will gather on site in Johannesburg. Will you think and pray about joining us?
Venue: G o o d N e w s Convention Centre, Johannesburg
Cost: R1100-R2800
Tel: +27 11 794 8001

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21 August 2017 (Monday) - 25 August 2017 (Friday)

Eastern Cape Prayer Mobilization Journey
our next journey will take place during August. It is a journey that brings inspiration and hope and that motivates Christians to pray for revival in our country. We will be visiting several towns and communities in the Eastern part of the Eastern Cape, sharing information about upcoming prayer events and encouraging people to pray and seek God's face for our Country and the World.
Venue: Eastern Cape Province
Contact: Pierre van Wyk
Tel: 0833703592

14 September 2017 (Thursday) - 16 September 2017 (Saturday)

Intercessors for South Africa National Consultation
Resolution In a consultative conference that was held by different prayer networks (18 in total - 8 national, 5 provincial and 5 local) in Bloemfontein, South Africa on 17-19 November 2016 the following resolution was made: That a united prayer initiative called Intercessors for South Africa (IFSA) be established. IFSA will serve as a platform where all prayer networks in the country can come together to pray for various national issues in pursuit of a transformed nation under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Way Forward The South African Prayer Movement for Change (SAPMC) was unanimously requested to facilitate the setup of a coordinating committee which will serve as an administrative committee for IFSA. A suggestion was made for IFSA to have two main projects in 2017. 1. The first is to mobilize people to pray for the country from the grass roots (local churches across denominations) with specific prayer points over a specified period of time. This will be done the first half of the year. 2. The second is to arrange another summit where all the prayer networks come together for input, evaluation and crafting strategy. This will take place in the second half of the year. Yours in Christ, Mangaliso Matshobane SA PRAYER MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE
Venue: Bloemfontein (Venue will be Confirmed)
Contact: Mangaliso Matshobane
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2 October 2017 (Monday) - 6 October 2017 (Friday)

Watchmen School of Prayer
You are invited to the 17th Watchmen School of Prayer at Rocklands Centre, Simonstown. Join in for a week of prayer and praise and learn more how to press into the presence of God.
Venue: Rocklands Campsite Simonstown
Cost: R1750-00 (Subject to change)
Contact: Lizette van Rooyen
Tel: +27 21 919 7988
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8 October 2017 (Sunday) - 15 October 2017 (Sunday)

Nelson Mandela Bay "7 Day on the Wall" 2017
"7 Days on the Wall 2016" is part of a global 24/7 prayer initiative mobilizing the local church to pray night and day for revival among the nations in 2016. The challenge is for every local church and community in South Africa to take one week in 2016 to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and salvation for the unsaved.
Venue: Nelson Mandela Bay Church Prayer Groups and Prayer Rooms
Tel: +27 21 919 7988.
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