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90 Days of HOPE

1 June - 29 August 2021 (Sunday)

Venue: Your Community!
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How to get Involved

1. PRAY  
Continue in persistent, united prayer for the lost and those that have never heard the gospel.  Pray that every believer would be a witness in this time. Pray this daily: “Lord God, I declare that every believer is a witness for you! They are your ambassadors! Let them know this truth. Let them live this truth. Let them be a witness for you. Prepare the harvest and send Your workers into the harvest, in Jesus name, Amen.” Adopt and pray for an unreached people group – Check out JoshuaProject.net  for some excellent resources to guide your prayers.

2. CARE 
Intentionally seek to care for others throughout the 90 Days. Share the hope of Jesus practically with a neighbour, a friend, or a stranger, by yourself or with a group. Pay it Forward – Do 3 big things for 3 people and encourage them to pay it forward. Hope groups A Hope Group is an online forum of 3-4 people who meet for just over an hour each week, to encourage and support each other. These groups are not bible studies, and the aim is not to give the ‘right’ answers. We use a simple structure to help you practice thankfulness, share from the heart, and encourage one another using the teachings of Jesus. 

  1. •What are you thankful for?
  2. •What has been a challenge this week?
  3. •Read and re-tell a scripture of hope, to inspire deep thinking and heartfelt conversation.
  4. •What is one practical thing that I can do to bring hope and help to a friend this week?
  5. •Pray
Training to run a Hope group is FREE for any Christian who wants to share the hope of Jesus with their friends, either online or offline. Equip and encourage others with cutting edge discipleship resources that are easy to access and share online – visit https://jesus.net/

Share your #HopeStory (testimony) online and in person. Everyone can reach someone, and together we can reach the world! Join the 60-Second Hope Story Challenge. WATCH THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL 
Step 1. Shoot a 60-second video on your phone of your testimony / story of hope (My life before Jesus, How I Met Jesus, My Life with Jesus). End with an invitation to follow Jesus.
Step 2. Upload & share the video to your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc.) and send it to your friends. Challenge your friends to do the same. Tag #HopeStory #bestdayofmylife PLUS a hashtag of what God saved you from eg. #suicide #addiction #insecurity
Step 3. Tag & nominate 5 friends to do the same to help fuel a viral explosion of hope stories online!

Date Added: 2020-12-09
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