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Teach Every Nation - Bible School

14 February - 20 February 2019 (Wednesday)

Time: 8h30-13h00
Venue: Dutch Reformed Church Uitenhage, Mosel Avenue
Contact: Pierre van Wyk
Tel: 0833703592
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 How to Double Your Church, Business and Personal Productivity

In his story-driven, highly-motivating style, Bruce Wilkinson will equip you to accelerate the pace of productivity in your church, your business and every area of your life.

In this dynamic, 8-session Bible-based video course, Bruce explains the Biblical motivation for choosing to live a life of extraordinary productivity. You will learn the eternal significance of setting God-sized goals and also gain new, time-tested strategies that will have exponential results when applied.

Session 1: The Reason to Maximize Your Personal Productivity
Session 2: The Reason to Maximize Your Productivity Until Payday
Session 3: Double by Setting Exponential Goals
Session 4: Double by Understanding Your Current Strategy
Session 5: Double by Improving Your Strategy
Bonus: TEN Teacher, Maurice Radebe
Session 6: Submit to Christ as He Rules Your Church
Session 7: Preach Christ’s Content so He Will Build Your Church
Session 8: Follow Christ and the Apostles’ Preaching Pattern
Bonus: TEN Teacher, Pastor SC Mathebula
Course Material: Poster | Ads | Flyer | Promo Video | Leader’s Guide and More!

Discover the Biblical mandate for maximizing your personal productivity and gain the important skills to accomplish that.  You will be challenged to follow the command and example of Christ and the early apostles in growing the church. And you will learn how to double your business by setting exponential goals, understanding your present growth strategies, and then realizing how you can improve those strategies.


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