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WATCHMAN RISE AND BUILD Global Awakening Summit

11 August - 18 August 2017 (Friday)

Venue: Herrnhut Germany
Cost: Registration: € 120; Accommodation: € 280
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The Herrnhut summit will see participants from many nations gather under the joint banner of Global Watch and the International Fellowship of Transformation Partners (IFTP). The purpose of this gathering is to worship, and pray with the body of Christ from across the nations, as we re-identify with the humility and desperate prayer that led the Moravians into the genuine community and the transforming presence of the Living God.  Through the week together, our desire is to experience the culture, identify key principles that drew God’s Presence at Herrnhut and leave with a clarion vision of how to bring the “Lord’s Watch” into our own communities and the nations for these end times.

Above all, we wish to hear from God concerning any obstacles that may be hindering us from experiencing the fullness of His power — particularly in the Western world where transforming revival is at such a deficit.

As a prayer movement, we also want to deliberate together and before God about the grave issues of our day. With distraction, rationalization, and spiritual rebellion weakening the Church’s foundations and influence within society, we desperately need a fresh word from heaven. In particular, we need to know how God would have us think and pray in this critical hour.

To this end, there will be worship/prayer interwoven throughout the sessions.  Each morning of the summit will see participants break out into groups where they will engage in facilitated discussions prompted by a set of core questions. In the afternoon, these discussions will give way to a season where participants will get alone with God, seeking His thoughts on the matters we have been deliberating. To help remind us who we will be talking to, this time of listening will be preceded by corporate worship.

Participants will use notepads and digital devices to record God’s response to the questions posed.

In the evenings, we will receive summary accounts (assembled by facilitators) of what God has spoken to His people. Interspersed will be several inspirational messages and short focused teachings.  Then, on the final full day of the assembly, these messages will be reviewed in a facilitated discussion with the purpose of extracting relevant action items.

Believing that revelation must be acknowledged, and followed by obedience, the two sponsoring movements, Global Watch and the IFTP, will caucus with their constituents to consider practical ways of walking out the summit conclusions.

This gathering convergence will NOT be a conference, or like any other summit you have every attended!   May the Lord guide you as you pray about joining us for this exciting gathering.  
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Find attached a document with more information and a very insightful article about the Moravians.

This is the link to the REGISTRATION FORM.  If you are interested in participating in this summit, please take some time to fill out the form (even if you don’t pay now).  We need your name and details to make sure you get the accommodation of your choice.

On behalf of the IFTP and Global Watch

Fred and Sue Rowe
Founders of the USA and Global Watch
Transform World Celebration Challenge facilitators, “Trumpet Call to Nations”

Date Added: 2017-06-01

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