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About Us

GAP Ministries is a non-profit, trans-denominational and parachurch ministry. We are evangelical in heart and guided by God's Word. Our vision is to establish God's Kingdom through prayer, evangelism, social action and community transformation. Our mission is to share the love and reality of Christ through various prayer initiatives and events and prayer networks. We share the good news of Jesus Christ in many ways and we motivate and mobilize others to do the same. We believe that community transformation is achievable through the combined efforts of churches, ministries, and community organizations and we work towards this goal. We are based in Uitenhage (South Africa) with a vision for Africa, and the rest of the World.

Our History
Over the past 14 years, GAP ministries have evolved through different phases to become what it is today. After being stirred by God to move to the Eastern Cape, and with a burden for missions work, God divinely connected us with a group of people with a similar vision and interest. This led to the establishment of the Exodus Centre about 9 years ago, which was instrumental in presenting the Love Southern Africa ‘99 conference, of which we were very much a part. The vision of the Exodus Centre was to mobilize the Church to get involved in world missions but also with the needs of our local communities. Over the years most of the people involved in the Exodus Centre left Uitenhage, basically leaving us on our own. After much prayer, our calling to the area was confirmed once again, and about four years ago we established “GAP Ministries” which functions independently of other ministries but with the full backing of our local church, the Dutch Reformed Church, Uitenhage North.
Where Do You Find Us?
The demographics of Uitenhage are reminiscent of most South African towns and cities with a well built up Centre and neighbourhoods with sprawling townships surrounding it. Fortunately, Uitenhage is surrounded by the typical natural beauty of the province with many mountain ranges in close proximity. Some of the most inaccessible wilderness areas in South Africa are just a stone’s throw from here.
Street scene Tambo Village Uitenhage

What Do We Do?
Moving from an initial focus of mobilising Christians for missions, we gradually became more involved in mobilising Christians to take ownership of their city, province, and country; to adopt a transformed lifestyle based on prayer and to see Gods’ Kingdom established in our city. This focus led us to start networking with many other ministries with a similar vision. These are listed on our links page. In between, we never relinquished our passion for involvement with the needs of our local communities that led to our participation in many local and international outreaches. Our vision is: “To establish God's Kingdom through prayer, evangelism, and social action”. Our mission is to share the love of Christ through, prayer, evangelism, mobilisation, and transformation, not necessarily in this order. Activities include the following:
  • Prayer - Coordination of the local Prayer Network, facilitation of 24 prayer watches, implementation of national and international prayer initiatives and the mobilisation of individuals and churches for prayer.
  • Evangelism - Sharing the Love of Christ through outreaches and evangelism.
  • Mobilisation and networking of churches towards the corporate goal of community transformation.
  • Transformation of communities through community development projects.

How Are We Governed?

GAP Ministries is a trust that is managed by the trustees. The founder of the trust was Johan van Wyk, Pierre’s dad who realised the need for formalising what we were doing and prompted us to jointly form the Go and Proclaim Trust 5 years ago. The trust is subjected to the requirements as laid out by the Government for operating a trust of this kind. Due to the unique and demanding requirements of a ministry, our church leadership requires all full-time missionaries to have, what we call, a sending cell or, in other words, a support group. Together with them, we meet on a regular basis to pray, to strategize and to cry and laugh together. They serve as an accountability structure together with the senior leadership of our church.

How Are We Funded?
The Go and Proclaim Trust that serves as the operating mechanism for our personal as well as ministry expenses. The trust is financially supported by individuals and churches. Consider giving to GAP Ministries. Go here

Our 2018 Ministry Partnerships
We partner with the following Ministries: 
- Global Prayer Watch
Transformation Christian Network (Connecting Leaders/Transformation)
- Teach Every Nation (The Bible School on Wheels)

 Contact Details
Pierre and Sugnet van Wyk
GAP Ministries, PO Box 1305, Uitenhage, South Africa, 6230
Tel No (h): +27419228308  Tel No (0): +27419228708  Cell No:  +27833703592
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Following is a copy of our most recent printed newsletter in pdf format. It is written in Afrikaans and in a personal way that reflects not only ministry news but also includes family news.


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